About the Magazine

Why “The Fence”?

Calling bisexuals ‘fencesitters’ has been a way of marginalizing us, of placing us outside gay/lesbian and straight cultures by saying that we haven’t made a decision about our sexuality. “The Fence” is all about bisexual women reclaiming this position and speaking from our unique viewpoints that traverse straight and gay/lesbian cultures, but also allow us to have spaces of our own. “The Fence” can be a positive and powerful place, and this zine is for the women who have decided to stay there!!

Why is it a good idea to have a bi women’s zine?

Cuz I wanna do it, biphobia, esp. from lesbians, made it hard for me to see bisexuality as an option when I first came out, and bi women are definitely not adequately represented in queer or straight culture.

Also – to educate and inform, entertain and provoke, to share our experiences and opinions about being bi women. We have things to say! Cuz bi girls rock! We need some spaces for our own voices, unapologetic, no need to explain that bi is queer.

I’ve become very empowered through being involved in the bi community in Toronto, esp. the bi women’s community. So I see this partially as a way of helping to build the community and connections that I’d like to see.

Why is this different from a dyke zine?

We bi girls have our own issues – biphobia in some dyke culture, specific assumptions and stereotypes about bi women that need to be challenged, and b/c our involvement or possible involvement with men in romantic or sexual ways is not going to be part of lesbian culture and experience.