Toronto’s Go to Lawyer for Immigration

3 Mar

Planning to move to Canada? You will definitely need the best Toronto’s go to lawyer for immigration services. An immigrant might need the services of an immigration attorney for various reasons. For instance, whether one is planning to get hold of permanent residency status? Whether one is facing deportation and wants to place an appeal against the order? Or, even if one is confused about the right immigration program which would be suitable for their family members. Well, whatever might be the situation, truth is that, taking the help of a qualified lawyer is important.

Immigration Attorneys

Many people think that immigration process is very easy. Hence, talking to a lawyer is not necessary. Thus, in order to navigate through the immigration process in a safe manner, taking the help of immigration attorney is crucial.

When one talks to a lawyer, one can get right suggestion for their case. Depending on the type of immigration case the client might be facing, immigration attorneys can assist them.

Toronto lawyer for immigration

 Reason to Consult and Hire an Immigration Attorney

In this blog, you will get to know the reason why it’s important to consult Toronto’s go to lawyer for immigration services. Take a look below:


The government of Canada and IRCC is constantly changing the immigration policies. An immigrant might not be updated about the latest policies. Thus, they may file the application in a wrong manner. In order to reduce the chance of application getting turned down, consulting an immigration attorney could be advantageous.

Winning the Case

Immigration attorneys need to remain updated about the latest changes made in the immigration policy. Thus, while consulting immigration attorney can increase the chance of winning any immigration related case.

Quick SolutionToronto’s go to lawyer for immigration

Immigration attorneys spend long hours in learning about immigration laws. Hence, after assessing the case of the clients they can easily provide right solutions.  Basically, they will try to figure out the problem with the application or the immigrant might be facing. Thereafter, provide a solution for it.

For instance, a permanent resident applied for Family Sponsorship program, but his application got rejected. Then the Toronto’s go to lawyer for immigration would ensure if the sponsor is meeting the sponsorship criteria. Even if they met and their application is denied, the lawyer can take the issue and appeal against it.

Fasten the Process

Many immigrants might have the view that hiring an immigration lawyer is wastage of money. It’s just the opposite Hiring a lawyer would fasten the application processing and the immigrant can get immediate results.

Wish to Reapply

You can take the help of Toronto’s go to lawyer for immigration in order to apply for the second time. It can be especially helpfully, when one is being wrongly removed or asked to leave the new country.

Court Proceedings

By consulting an immigration attorney, one doesn’t need to worry about court proceedings. The attorney with the necessary paperwork would ensure, you get fair judgment for the case.

These are some amazing reasons which tell why consulting Toronto’s go to lawyer for immigration is very important. With their help any case would become successful.

Finding Your Piece of Home with Immigration Lawyer Toronto

8 Aug

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada? You will definitely take the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto. Although, IRCC suggest that there is no need to hire an immigration lawyer. However, in order to carry out the immigration process smoothly without any hurdles, you should take the help of an immigration attorney.

Take the Help of Immigration Lawyer

Taking the help of an immigration attorney is important because the immigration laws are constantly evolving. For a common man it might be bit difficult to keep up to date about these changes. Hence, when you take the help of an immigration attorney, you can easily navigate the immigration process. In fact, there stands no chance of your immigration application getting rejected or for re-application. The lawyer will assist the client all through the immigration process and will ensure that the client smoothly settle in the new country.

immigration lawyer toronto

How A Lawyer Can Help You?

Every year thousands of immigrants migrate to Canada on a temporary basis in order to avail better growth opportunities, improved living condition, appropriate immigration policies. By consulting an immigration lawyer, one can easily get their immigration visa approved by the Canadian government. Moreover, they can also help immigrants to get a permanent residency. In fact, when an immigrant is coming to Canada on a temporary basis, an immigration lawyer Toronto can guide the immigrants in choosing the right temporary visa options.

Some visa options that are available for temporary status. They are:

  • Study Permit
  • Visitor Visa
  • Work Permit

Help with Application

There are many ways that can help a person to qualify for a permit. Immigration lawyers can completely guide immigrants on the various ways. In fact, taking the help of an immigration lawyer can save a lot of time. This is because the lawyer will handle all paperwork. They will ensure that right documents are produced so that the application is not rejected. Proper application can help a people to settle in Canada.

toronto immigration lawyer

Work with Delayed or Expired Status

Students who come to Canada for joining reputable institutions come here with a study permit. Sometimes on the completion of their study, a student might fail to get a work permit or a permanent residency status. Immigration lawyers can guide students with alternative options that can help them in gaining permanent residency status.


An immigration lawyer Toronto can appeal against a revocation order in the court. One important issue that is faced by immigrants is when they are asked to return back to their country. An immigration lawyer will ensure that the client is given the chance to prove himself and gain back their residency.

Help with Sponsorship

When a permanent resident decides to sponsor a family member and bring them to Canada permanently, immigration attorneys will be of great help. They will make sure that the permanent resident is eligible for sponsorship. The lawyer can prove that the person can take care of the sponsor and should be allowed to bring their loved ones.

Hiring any immigration lawyer Toronto can easily protect the interest of the immigrants. The lawyer can provide legal help and advice that can help the immigrants to settle in Canada peacefully.