Think Before You Leave the Current Job

17 Oct

Undoubtedly, employers want good employees to work for their company and it is quite natural. Good recruiting attempts can bring in good workers. It requires a good selling profession to convince skilled workers to join a company. After all, it is a fine line between good selling work and overselling. Inducement can lead to sensible notice liability of the occupation relationship and an element that can increase notice entitlement, not to refer extra factors which can accompany top talent like the availability of the same job, the significance of the employee’s position and the lost prestige. And if the boss made promises which did not come to pass, inducement liability can become messier.

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What should an employee do in such situations? He must surely seek the help of one of the best employment lawyer in Toronto, Ontario to clear out this liability mess. Whenever an employer terminates his employee from the workplace without any reason, there is a rule that the employer should pay some settlement amount to the employee for this dismissal.

Take an example of British Columbia agency that produced windows for building and renovation projects. It needed a sales representative for a landscaping construction agency to come to do sales for it; hence it proceeded towards a sales rep with a job opportunity.

The sales manager of the company promised the sales rep that if he joined the company, he can work for big profit under new construction projects. The sales rep was informed that he would begin with a 3% commission for a 3-months probationary period to get the same salary as of his existing job, which would likely be increased to 6% afterwards.

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Thinking about the big commissions, the sales rep resigned from the current job and joined there. In his new workplace, the sales rep began to work on renovation projects and was told to move to new construction at the end of his trial period.

However, the employer terminated the sales rep and when the trial period was completed and he was assigned with less-lucrative renovation projects and his commission remained at 3 percent. After 6 months of being hired, the sales rep was dismissed without any reason. Obviously, the sales rep was not happy as he felt that he was forced to leave his previous job with promises that converted to be false. At such circumstances, he should hire one of the best employment lawyer in Toronto, Ontario who can handle this situation legally and fight for his losses.

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Bottom Line

People think that all employers are ethical and treat their employees fairly. However, this is not true always. Therefore, whenever you join a new organization, the employer may ask you to sign the employment contract. But before getting reviewed from an employment lawyer, one should not agree with that contract. And whenever you face a situation of discrimination at your job place, without any hesitation, seek the best services from one of the best employment lawyer in Toronto, Ontario to settle down that messy situation and get the loss amount which you are entitled for.  For more insights, read the following